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Jerk boxes are often utilized in weight training as a way for athletes to focus on improving their jerk without having to clean the weight to the rack position on each rep. Furthermore, the ability to manipulate the height of the Jerk Boxes leads to a diverse range of exercises in which they can be utilised. Use them as pull blocks for partial deadlifts, or as a way to set hang positions for cleans, high pulls and snatches, and even as spotting implements for heavy squats or bench presses. Vary the box combinations for box jumps (from 15cm to a maximum height of 196cm!) and complex plyometric drills, and in one piece of equipment you have a tool around which an entire session can be based. O’Live Jerk Boxes are CNC cut to insure that the boxes are interchangeable but still keep a secure fit when stacked.  Each box features double-wall construction coupled with interior bracing and blocking that locks each box into place securely and easily.