FITNESS MAD - Fitness Resistance Band Set 5 Strengths Loops 35 cm Latex - without packaging

Fitness Resistance Band Set 5 Strengths Loops 35 cm Latex

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This Mini Power Loop set of 5 resistance bands gives you the option of 5 different strength options so you can progress your workout as you get stronger, or select an appropriate level of band for the muscles you are choosing to train. Made from durable latex, these resistance bands are ideal for rehab as well as general strength and conditioning.

Lightweight and portable so you can take these bands on the move with you with the included mesh bag for ease of transport. Each band is 35cm in diameter and can be used around ankles, thighs, arms and for adding extra reach if being used for stretching exercises.

Product details - 35cm diameter

Set of 5 - Extra light, Light, Medium, Strong and Extra Strong

Warning - these bands are made from latex, do not use if you suffer from a latex allergy. Do not stretch these bands more than x2.5 their original length.

Usage - domestic or professional

Without packaging