FITNESS MAD - Zabuton 100% katoen Recron vezel 3.4kg Blauw

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The perfect partner to our zafu cushions. The zabuton protects the knees and feet on hard surfaces and insulates the body from cold surfaces when meditating. Our design offers excellent cushioning, using 2Kg of hi-density recron fibre that is securely tufted in to a cotton inner cover, to form a permanent inner cushion. This is covered with a tight fitting zippered outer made from durable 100% cotton drill which in turn is tufted in place. This zabuton will last for years as you can both refill the inner cushion and if the cover becomes soiled it can be removed and washed or replaced by simply cutting the centre tuft.


100% tufted cotton drill outer with zip. Cotton fire-retardant interliner filled with fire-retardant non siliconized recron fibre.
Size 91cm x 71cm x 15cm
Weight: 3.4Kg

Complies with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 - a legal requirement for such products being sold or used in the UK.