FITNESS MAD - Studio Core Fitness Plus Mat Eyelets 182 x 58 x 1 cm (1.1kg) NBR Blue

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Identical to the Core Fitness Mat but with eyelets which makes this mat perfect for storing neatly away in your studio on our exercise mat rack which can hold x10 of the 10mm mats. The eyelets are 50cm apart (centre to centre) and will fit hangers up to 2.5cm in diameter. Also available in 15mm thickness which provides extra cushioning. Made from NBR which is non-absorbent making it easy to clean & hygienic, whilst also being soft and supportive. Top side is smooth and bottom side ribbed. 

Product Details:

Dimensions:10mm x 182cm x 58cm

Weight: 1.1kg

Colours: Blue only

Material: NBR foam

Free from: DOP, AZO, Heavy Metal, & Phenol

Care instructions: As this mat is made from closed cell foam it means that it's non-absorbent and will not harbour bacteria, therefore washing is not required. To clean the surface of the mat simply use a clean damp cloth and a small amount of detergent to wipe down.