FITNESS MAD - Egg Yoga Block 305 x 120 x 75 mm blue

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The oval block of Yoga-Mad is an interesting alternative to the traditional yoga block with its special egg shape that provides support as a classic block with the advantage of allowing to adjust the desired height especially when the block is used under the Legs in sitting poses. These blocks are ideal because they offer support in tilting postures that require back and elbows such as the posture of the fish (Matsyasana) since they fit perfectly with the curvature of the back. Note that you can try to position 3 or 4 blocks side by side for greater support.
The oval block is sold individually but it is recommended to have at least 2 for Yoga postures.
Dimensions: 305 * 12 * 7.5 cm
Color: Blue (blue)
Composition: EVA foam