FITNESS MAD - Fitness Mad Dumbbell set 1kg 2x0.5kg Pro Handweight Aerobic Dumbbells 1 kg 2 x 0.5 kg soft grip Black pink

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Fitness Mad Dumbbell Set 1kg 2x0.5kg With strap

Fitness-Mad's Pro Hand Weight's with straps are made from steel handle with non-slip NBR foam covering for a soft and comfortable grip, complete with elasticated strap for added safety.

Product details:

  • Tone's arms
  • Increases workout intensity
  • Great for walking, jogging and aerobics
  • Comfortable to hold with added safety strap
  • Available in 4 weights - 0.5kg, 0.75kg, 1kg and 1.25kgs

Weight: 0.5kg set of 2 pieces, total weight 1kg

Colour: Black with pink edge for colour identification